SpaceX Falcon Heavy and Beyond

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Space Author and NASA expert, Rod Pyle reviews the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch and what it means for the new space race.

Episode 287 Part 2 – Cold Feet at the Alter, Up Close with Jared and Wells from Bachelor in Paradise

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[saf] What are the signs you should call of your wedding? The DateMeister Mary Reilly has some experience in this department and know the red flags brides and grooms should pay attention to. Plus cruise ship bikini cocaine dealer babes, and Skylar Cuarisma gets sweet on Jared and Wells from Bachelor in Paradise. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 287 is sponsored …

Episode 278 Part 1 – Brexit / Ticketmaster / Pick-up Lines

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Today is the day England voted to leave the European Union, also known as “Brexit.” Kiss your investment portfolio goodbye. Co-Host Gonzo Greg Spillane  details the unusual account of a lady from Texas who got jaw surgery and had a completely different accent when she woke up. Co-Host, Kelly J proclaims, “Ticketmaster Sucks” in describing what is really happening in the settlement that could …

The Truth About Women

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[saf] We want the truth. You can’t handle the truth! OK, fine, then don’t listen to this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends in which Phil and Ted “Thrashpie” Prichard stumble into dangerous waters: Who lies about their relationship status in social media? What kind of a guy do women really want? And advice for men on “Mastering Women.” We …