SpaceX Falcon Heavy and Beyond

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Space Author and NASA expert, Rod Pyle reviews the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch and what it means for the new space race.

Simplify Your Life – 333 Ways to Do More With Less

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Tips on how to Simplify Your Life, Finances and Relationships Today we learn how to pare down all the junk you’ve accumulated over time and simplify your life with minimalist author and blogger, Courtney Carver. Carver wrote the book, . Is this a hike through a meadow with a back-packed, man-bunned millennial? Fast forward to 33:39 to find out. Bombogenesis …

Episode 290 Part 4 – Falling Space Junk, Backpack Brain

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[saf] China’s space station is hurtling from space and parts of it are certain to survive re-entry into our atmosphere. Which cities are in the cross hairs? Plus, your child may be damaging his or her brain just by lugging that heavy backpack to school. And, even though driverless cars are not safe enough for prime time, there are plans …

You Want to Tax My What?

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[saf] Women are fighting back in New York state over what is, perhaps the most sexist tax in the country. We talk about it on today’s show. Plus Dr. Janet Lintala makes a case for screening all babies for autism. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Zootopia, London Has Fallen and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Brent Goldfarb explains why he believes Tesla cannot compete in the …