You Want to Tax My What?

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Tampon Tax

Tampon Tax

Women are fighting back in New York state over what is, perhaps the most sexist tax in the country. We talk about it on today’s show. Plus Dr. Janet Lintala makes a case for screening all babies for autism. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Zootopia, London Has Fallen and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Brent Goldfarb explains why he believes Tesla cannot compete in the auto business. Travel guy Gary Warner takes you to a surprising city in the Pacific Northwest which is booming. More topics on the show: Kids on the Forbes Billionaire list. Michael Jordan’s money. Aviation distance record. The effects on the body after a year in space. Yet another bad reason to call 911. Load of a son gets a bill for living at home. The odds a flight attendant will have sex with you in-flight. The ten nastiest things in your bathroom. Tom Brady is going down. And finally, good news could break your heart…as in KILL YOU!


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