Bitcoin Tanked. Now What?

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Can You Still Make a Fortune with Bitcoin?
Bitcoin peaked at a price above $19,000 in Dec.2017. Today it’s trading at half that price. Should you cut bait or buy more? Financial expert, John Miller explains where the crypto-currency opportunities are. Listen to him to retire comfortably.

Episode 285 Part 1 – Super Lice

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[saf] Getting lice is bad enough, but now 48 US states have SUPER LICE! Plus a way to make cows fart less, sure it might save the planet but how much will my steak cost? Science has figured out how to get vegans to eat meat. Ryan Lochte is a douche bag. And finally, what if Google Maps could find …

Episode 284 Part 5 – Pokemon Go to Jail | Olympics Pain

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When you play Pokemon Go, beware of all the ways you could end up in court or even jail. Attorney Rogge Dunn reviews all the ways players can get into serious trouble. Plus Emily Harlan, Skylar Cuarisma and Phil Hulett review the odd Rio Olympics stories and some of the most painful and noisy injuries. This bite-sized chunk of Episode …

Episode 282 Part 4 -No Proof of Global Warming | Summer Travel Bargains | Super STD

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[saf] Without a doubt we’re pretty sure none of the examples Gonzo Greg offers of extreme heat on the planet point to anything warming up, right? While you’re cooking in the heat, why not take a vacation? Travel guy Gary Warner offers the top last minute summer travel deals with some important caveats. And just when you thought we had the upper …