Parents Have Ruined Kids’ Sports

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If you long for the days when kids’ sports actually meant more than a participation trophy, you are in luck.The Sports Doctor, Dr. Bob Weil has tips on surviving kids’ sports season without injury and without parents getting thrown into jail.

Episode 284 Part 5 – Pokemon Go to Jail | Olympics Pain

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When you play Pokemon Go, beware of all the ways you could end up in court or even jail. Attorney Rogge Dunn reviews all the ways players can get into serious trouble. Plus Emily Harlan, Skylar Cuarisma and Phil Hulett review the odd Rio Olympics stories and some of the most painful and noisy injuries. This bite-sized chunk of Episode …

Episode 279 Part 3 – Holiday Safety / Ice in Your Pants / Old Man Phelps

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[saf] National Safety Expert, The Honorable Nancy Steorts talks about how NOT to blow your hand clean off on July 4th, and other common sense ways to keep your family safe on the holiday. Plus guest co-host Emily Harlan reveals how celebrities stay icy cool under pressure. Dale Lopes pumps up our expectations for Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals, …