Parents Have Ruined Kids’ Sports

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If you long for the days when kids’ sports actually meant more than a participation trophy, you are in luck.The Sports Doctor, Dr. Bob Weil has tips on surviving kids’ sports season without injury and without parents getting thrown into jail.

Episode 275 – Calories Schmalories

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Author Belldon Colme explained why he is convinced calories do not matter, and he’s living proof. His book is called “Calories Don’t Matter, Author, “No One Ever Got Fat from Calories: The Real Truth About Weight Loss, Your Body and Wellness.” At the age of 51 Jane Trahanovsky decided to take up a sport we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard of…but we’re …

Gambling within the Madness

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[saf] As you fill out your NCAA Basketball Championship bracket, think about this: some of the college players have big money riding on the final score of the game. That’s the assertion of sports gambling expert and author, Frank Landrey. Plus we explore the 100 things to know before you get old with Becky Baines from National Geographic Kids books. Manny …