Best of Pancakes, Flu and RSVP Fail

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In this hybrid best of, Phil Hulett offers up stories of the week, including sibling love, camel beauty contest, burrito assault, Doomsday Clock adjustment, “Jesus take the Wheel,” and texting while eating.

Episode 281 Part 4 – Summer Diet Saboteurs

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[saf] Skylar Cuarisma reads of the Forbes top paid celebrities for 2016 and Phil Hulett counters with the most beautiful celebs according to science! Plus, ordained minister and counselor who spent 40 years yo-yo-ing it up and down on fad diets, Renee Jones talks about how to beat the summer diet saboteurs, like ice cream, pie, candy, hamburgers, cake, did we mention …

Episode 275 – Calories Schmalories

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Author Belldon Colme explained why he is convinced calories do not matter, and he’s living proof. His book is called “Calories Don’t Matter, Author, “No One Ever Got Fat from Calories: The Real Truth About Weight Loss, Your Body and Wellness.” At the age of 51 Jane Trahanovsky decided to take up a sport we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard of…but we’re …