Best of Pancakes, Flu and RSVP Fail

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In this hybrid best of, Phil Hulett offers up stories of the week, including sibling love, camel beauty contest, burrito assault, Doomsday Clock adjustment, “Jesus take the Wheel,” and texting while eating.

Episode 315 – Hospitals Wearables Addictions

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[saf] We have your health in mind on this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal explains how to avoid getting ripped off at a hospital. Former Stand-up Comedian, Pete O’Shea reveals the hidden secrets of an addict. Fitness Expert and sought-after personal trainer, Jonathan Jordan says, don’t be obsessed with your fitness tracker. Plus Manny the Movie …

Jesus Christ!

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[saf] That’s right, padre. We’ve got Jesus Christ on the show today. Juan Pablo di Pace plays a hunky Son of God on the NBC Mini-Series, “A.D. The Bible Continues” and he graces the show with his countenance. Plus Manny the Movie Guy on Mall Cop 2 and the new Star Wars trailer. Jeremy our tech guy will scare you …

Trains, Donations and Picking up Women

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[saf] Men get lessons on being men from a woman on today’s show. Plus we learn about the best vacation train rides, how to make sure your disaster donation dollar gets to the right place and a major fashion retailer is being called Anti-Semitic for one of it’s blouse designs. Vodka saves a cat, McDonalds is expensive, a guy plinks …