5 Unfounded Fears for Germophobes

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Have we become a nation of germophobes? Phil Hulett asks Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz about common germ fears like handshakes, public toilets, drinking fountains, and even open sores! In response, the good Doctor lets you know how many of these surfaces are safe, or dirty enough to make you sick? Fellow germophobes, put down the anti-bacterial gel and give this segment a listen! Feel free to handle your phone while you do that.

Episode 276 – Summer Brain Drain / Preventing Alzheimer’s

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Another jam-packed show featuring Michael Morgan, who claims a break-through therapy can prevent, and perhaps eventually reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. Travel Guy, Gary Warner compares the three main modes of travel: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Dr. Carole Lieberman gives advice on how to help your kids avoid the summer brain drain. Nat Geo Kids writer, Kitson Jazinka wrote the book, “125 …

Dinosaurs, Wife Skills and Hyperloop

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[saf] Jurassic World gets an honest review from Manny the Movie Guy. Phil interviews author, and Intimacy Expert, Laura Boyle who describes the mistakes new brides make and the “skills” required to keep a man. Tech Dude, Jeremy Anticouni has a warning for iCloud users, and he says Elon Musk’s Hyperloop transport system will be built and ready for test rides by …

Pack up the Kids, We’re Moving to Mars

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[saf] Imagine you’ve had it with life here on Earth, so you decide to high-tail it to MARS! That’s exactly what one 27-year-old Long Beach, CA woman ill do. Lift-off is in ten years, but you’ll hear her motivations for leaving and find out why her family believes she’s nuts! Plus, the commuter train wreck in So Cal, what to …