Episode 276 – Summer Brain Drain / Preventing Alzheimer’s

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Summer Brain Drain

Summer Brain Drain

Another jam-packed show featuring Michael Morgan, who claims a break-through therapy can prevent, and perhaps eventually reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. Travel Guy, Gary Warner compares the three main modes of travel: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Dr. Carole Lieberman gives advice on how to help your kids avoid the summer brain drain. Nat Geo Kids writer, Kitson Jazinka wrote the book, “125 Wacky Roadside Attraction.” She talks to Phil Hulett. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the weekend of sequels and has a real problem with the Warcraft movie. Plus, you do not want to miss the Ron Perlman reference. Phil and Gonzo Greg Spillane offered these stories for your consideration: Law enforcement can seize your money with an app, The Navy says it will jam your GPS next week, but won’t admit that it can do that, Change your Twitter password, Adult summer camp, Adult Breast Feeding, Justin Bieber is taken down, Kate Mulgrew was born with teeth, Cam Newton says to stop with the Dab already, Iron Maiden is frightening children, time wasters at work, the most demanding jobs, Something extra in the double cheeseburger, Gordie Howe, and the kid who got caught sneaking into a lady’s garage so he could do this….


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