Adaptive Houses for Veterans

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For Veterans Day Meredith Iler of “Helping a Hero” explains how they build adaptive houses for wounded veterans. Why Facebook wants your nude photos.

Episode 276 Part 1 – Roadside Asset Forfeiture / GPS Blockage / No More Dabbing

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There’s a Highway Patrol force in one US State that apparently cannot wait to be taken to court. These troopers can pull you over, ask for your debit card, and clean out your bank account, just in case you’re a bad, bad guy. You won’t believe the true motivation behind this, and there’s no way this will catch on, will …

Episode 276 – Summer Brain Drain / Preventing Alzheimer’s

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Another jam-packed show featuring Michael Morgan, who claims a break-through therapy can prevent, and perhaps eventually reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. Travel Guy, Gary Warner compares the three main modes of travel: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Dr. Carole Lieberman gives advice on how to help your kids avoid the summer brain drain. Nat Geo Kids writer, Kitson Jazinka wrote the book, “125 …