Autonomous Robot Soldiers Attack!

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       Autonomous Robot Soldiers are coming! Is there an autonomous robot arms race to the artificial intelligence warfare finish line? Larry Lewis, PhD is an expert in lethal autonomy and estimates for the friends how long we have before Generals hand over the engagement decisions to autonomous robots or other AI machines. Are nations preparing ethical guidelines to preserve the …

Adaptive Houses for Veterans

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For Veterans Day Meredith Iler of “Helping a Hero” explains how they build adaptive houses for wounded veterans. Why Facebook wants your nude photos.

Episode 298 Part 2 – Helping Veterans Buy Homes

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[saf] Vietnam Vet, Joseph Gaul is the author of the book, A Real Estate Guide for Veterans. He offers tips for veterans to get their families into a home, sometimes with zero down payment. Plus Stephen Hawking says we’re doomed. And a man, desperate over his terrible love life, cuts off his penis. The moment he realized he made a mistake, is …

Episode 297 Part 2 – Learn to Fly a Jet

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[saf] Major Ken Benner from the Civil Air Patrol explains how just about anyone at just about any age can enlist in this branch of the Air Force. If you are young enough you can learn how to fly a jet! Plus pot stock update, pro football players want legal marijuana in the NFL. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 297 …