Episode 323 Part 2 Dogs at Work

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Dog at WorkIn part 2 of episode 323 of Phil Hulett and Friends, word arrives on what happened to Jiggy Jaguar that has the friends worried for his welfare. Phil shops for a hybrid plug-in car. There’s a new drink called the Sour Toe and somebody stole the secret ingredient. Travel Dude Gary Warner checks in with vacation spots where you can beat the summer heat. Kids these days with their high-tech summer jobs making $20,000 or more from their bedroom. 2 slices, er scoops of the brand new ice cream flavor. Carlyn Montes De Oca says, never mind Take Your Dog to Work Day, she has a better idea. Michael Phelps comes out of retirement to face certain death. We’ve found the dude who owns the most Hello Kitty stuff. The dumbest crook of the week. Names celebrities use when they check into hotels.

Co-Hosts: Emily Harlan, Kellie Sue Peters
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