India Pale Ale and Music from the Womb

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Brewing Your Own Eclectic IPA [12:43] Yummmm, IPA. Renowned brewer, and author of the book, “,” Dick Cantwell checks in with a wealth of beer information. He makes the case for Phil Hulett to take another 50 shots at varieties of IPA-style beer. You won’t believe some of the ingredients brewers are experimenting with. Music from the Womb! [30:36] Imagine …

Craft Beer for the Holidays

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Craft Beer for the Holidays! John Holl, author of the book, The Craft Beer Cook Book and co-host of the Steal this Beer Podcast, visits.

Oktoberfest 2015

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[saf] It’s that time of year when we celebrate beer….more than all those other times when we celebrate beer! Beer expert┬áJohn Vireve┬ávisits with some Oktoberfest beers for the friends to sample. We learn the history of the celebration, the meaning behind all of the festivities and which beer is essential to this time of year. Plus, travel guy Gary Warner …