Deadly Flu Season Continues With or Without Shots

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Flu Danger It’s the deadliest and most difficult flu season in recent history. Not only are the elderly and immuno-compromised falling victim, otherwise healthy people are catching the flu and dying within days, sometimes hour. Are flu shots even helping? What do you need to know to keep yourself and your loved ones safe? Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz returns with …

Episode 304 Part 1 – Giant Asteroid

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[saf] NASA confirms a giant asteroid is headed our way. Some people say it’s going to collide with Earth. That’s OK, the military now have super laser beams. Is the human race dooming itself anyway? People are now preserving dead skin tattoos from their dearly departed. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 304 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode!

TV Burger Babe, J-Lo and the Holographic Helmet

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[saf] Everybody is talking about this year’s Carl’s Jr.’s Super Bowl ad and the practically naked babe in it. People are outraged or overjoyed, but it doesn’t matter, the burger chain is getting a ton of free advertising…AGAIN! We spoke with Manny the Movie Guy about the chances Jennifer Lopez’s new movie is worth seeing. Plus Louis Zamperini’s (think Unbroken) …