Deadly Flu Season Continues With or Without Shots

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Flu Danger

It’s the deadliest and most difficult flu season in recent history. Not only are the elderly and immuno-compromised falling victim, otherwise healthy people are catching the flu and dying within days, sometimes hour. Are flu shots even helping? What do you need to know to keep yourself and your loved ones safe? Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz returns with essential information. [21:21]

Movie Reviews

Up next, [47:57] Manny the Movie Guy reviews the 9-11 movie, “12 Strong”, the bank heist action thriller, “Den of Thieves,” and the movie that made Manny laugh, cry and fall in love, “Forever My Girl.” Don’t get ahead of us here. We said he reviewed them, not whether he liked them.

Kelly J and Stew Herrera join Phil Hulett on a day when Phil, frankly, is a little grumpy from lack of sleep. Stew is angry after leaving his notes at home. And Kelly J has a headache and is a little miffed the hot flashes are kicking in already! This is a cocktail for conflict and hilarity.

Stories include: Nasa’s inability to name an asteroid that very well could destroy our civilization. The top 10 family TV shows, most of which you couldn’t watch with all of your family in the room. Bit Coin or Sweat Coin? Which is a better investment? Ask the guys on the blockchain boat cruise.

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Tide Pod Pizza! Tide Pod Vape Guy. Parental advice from Phil. Somebody please invent bathroom urine troughs for ladies. Do you use the public bathroom ass gasket? Flush the toilet please. The friends are WAY ranty today.

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