How About Those Pot Stocks?

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The Wolf of Weed Street visits with Phil Hulett to talk about pot stocks in North America and opportunities for you to make a lot of money.

Episode 283 Part 3 – Suicide Squad Review

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[saf] “DC Boy” Manny the Movie Guy visits with his reviews of Suicide Squad and Nine Lives. Plus Gonzo Greg discusses what they’re finding in the drugs kids are buying at electronic dance music festivals, begging the question, if you lick the sidewalk will you feel all warm and fuzzy? Kelly J exposes us to the danger large-breasted women pose to horses. And …

The Tough to Pick a Headline Episode

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[saf] So much to chose from but we could get in trouble so quickly. For instance, does “Vaginal Seeding” sound good for a headline? Dr. Kathi Fry tells us what that is. When we say, “French fries blanched in tallow,” do you say, “Yum” or do you run to the salad bar to gather up some kale? A leading animal fat supplier …