RSVP Etiquette and Animal Fat

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Party planning expert Megan Megale provides the proper RSVP etiquette. Chef Ernest Miller explains why animal fat is so tasty.

Episode 328 Part 1 – Flesh-Eating Sea Maggots

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[saf] It’s Armageddon I tell ya! Consequently, the story of the week is the 16-year old who went into the water at a beach in Australia and came out bleeding profusely from his legs. What caused it? A Marine Biologist from the University of New South Wales spoke with us and thinks he might possibly, maybe know, perhaps what these …

The Tough to Pick a Headline Episode

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[saf] So much to chose from but we could get in trouble so quickly. For instance, does “Vaginal Seeding” sound good for a headline? Dr. Kathi Fry tells us what that is. When we say, “French fries blanched in tallow,” do you say, “Yum” or do you run to the salad bar to gather up some kale? A leading animal fat supplier …