Episode 296 Part 4 – Argument in Favor of Legalized Marijuana

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First half of this segment: Unexplained arctic ping, a 15-foot river monster, Husband attacks wife’s pusher, “Sassy Trump” video, and do you look more like Trump or Clinton? Second half of this segment: Pamela Epstein of Green Wise Consulting makes the argument in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. This bite-sized chunk of episode 296 is sponsored by the exciting new …

Episode 294 Part 6 – Unlocking the Weird

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Edward Meyer is the dude who finds and collects all the weird and wonderful stuff over at Ripley’s Believe It or Not. The new Ripley’s book is called Unlock the Weird and you have to hear this segment to believe it. Plus, Hillary and Trump naked! Don’t be such a Bieber. This bite-sized chunk of episode 294 is sponsored by Aquasana. …

Episode 294 Part 2 – Can We Do This Topic Without Getting Political?

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Trump or Hillary? Can Dr. Frieda Birnbaum talk about losing your friends over the election without going political on us? We think she almost made it. You be the judge. Plus an update on the “No Screen Time Before 2” rule. This bite-sized chunk of episode 294 is sponsored by the Dromma Bed. Check out this episode!

Episode 294 – Losing Friends Over the Election

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Yeah, we don’t do politics on this show, but the presidential election of 2016 is so contentious that people are losing friends because of it. Is this happening to you? Dr. Frieda Birnbaum offers some psychological perspective while trying her best not to get political. Plus Manny the Movie Guy reviews six movies and attempts to explain why Tom Cruise only …

Episode 291 Part 6 – Napa Valley Wine

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Bruce Cakebread of Cakebread Cellars talks about what makes Napa Valley, California wines unique and distinct. Plus pumpkin Chocolate French Fries! Naked Madonna. Extra slutty olive oil. Butterfingers proposal. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 291 is sponsored by Aqausana. Check out this episode!

Episode 284 – Olympic Weirdness | Phobias | Pokemon Go to Jail

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Everybody is watching the Olympics, but not the way we do! Skylar Cuarisma and Emily Harlan join Phil Hulett to talk about the strange happenings in Rio. Plus we have guest interviews: Parenting author Emily Slingluff has tips on how to raise a kid who doesn’t want to kill people. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Pete’s Dragon, Sausage Party and The new Meryl Streep movie. …

Episode 282 – Comic-Con | Mid-Life Entrepreneurs | RNC Trivia

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Bonus! As we are taking next week off, here’s a rare chance to listen to an entire show in one, 2-hour sitting. This episode features Gonzo Greg, Dale Lopes and Phil Hulett. Cos Play Geek, (or is he a nerd), and host of the podcast, The Retro Convo, Mike Templeton gives you a complete preview of the 47th annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego. William Seagraves, author …

Episode 274 Part 2 – Brazil After the Olympics / Hillary on UFOs / Indy 500

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Considering Zika Virus, political upheaval and the chaos of white elephant construction, Economics professor, Joseph P. Fuhr speculates on how bad things are going to be for Brazil after the summer Olympics. Texas is probably going to execute a dude for messing with the message on one of those roadside LED signs. What does Hillary Clinton know about UFO’s, and is she …