Deadly Dog Kisses

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Dog Kisses

Deadly Dog Kisses Image by JACLOU-DL

Dog Kisses Could Kill You!

Who knew dogs kisses could be deadly? A recent story about a man who lost both legs and his hands after his dog affectionately “kissed” him, lead to a near-deadly infection. Could your dog be infected? what are the symptoms? Do doctors even know what to look for? Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz has answers.

Christopher robin needs to seek professional help!

From dog kisses to Manny kisses! Manny the Movie Guy reviews The Darkest Minds, Disney’s Christopher Robin, and The Spy Who Dumped Me. Which movie will Manny give the most kisses? By the way, are we the only people who think Christopher Robin has a mental problem?

More Stuff!

Kelly Bennett joins Phil Hulett in the studio with her take on the stories in the news on this “Grab Some Nuts Day” in America. It’s also National Watermelon Day. You’ve heard about the “see something, say something” policy , right? How about “smell something, tell someone?” Out of the ashes of the Carr Fire comes stories of miracles as well as animal kingdom enemies putting their differences, and tasty flavor, aside, to comfort each other in the wildfire aftermath. Did you hear the one about the guy who stole a shark from the zoo? It’s not a joke.

Happy Birthday Intern Ricky! Plus there’s the return of “Alf. How to get a free Big Mac at McDonald’s. We often wonder why our dogs stare at us when we poop. Now there’s science to explain it, and you’ll love your dog even more when you hear the reason. And finally, crocheted shorts for men is a thing.


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