Essential Oils and Swimming with Whale Sharks

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Are Essential Oils Effective?

Essential Oils

Essential Oils
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Essential oils are all the rage, but are they truly useful? Author, coach and comedian, Jen Coken reveals [29:46] some recipes she’s uncovered for safe and effective insect repellents, sun blocks and pain relievers with nothing but natural ingredients. She provides a way for you to receive a free list of useful recipes that use essential oils. She’s a funny lady, too. Her book is called, “.” Yup, there’s a good explanation for that title.

Swimming with Whale Sharks!

[10:20] This week is the 30th year Discovery Channel has broadcast a week’s worth of shark-related programming. they call it “Shark Week.” A friend of the show is celebrating in a big way. Susie Selby of Selby Winery is a big time diver. We didn’t know that. She checks in, soaking wet, on a boat off the coast of Isles Mujeres, Mexico to talk about her dive with a pod of whale sharks! Wow!

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Kelly J joins Phil Hulett at the studio in his house. LA Radio Studio is being dismantled while this episode is recorded. The hope is to find a new home for the historic studio equipment soon. Stay tuned. Meantime, stories this hour include, R. Kelly’s sex cult. Then there’s the zoo that tried to pass off a painted mule as a zebra. Ladies, there’s cash in your arm pits! From the “Somebody died, try not to laugh” department, a serial killer accidentally kills himself. The United States has more meat and cheese than it know what to do with.

Somebody is holding a $522 Million lottery ticket. Happy 150 years, Golden Retrievers. Then there’s the guy who lost his dog…and doesn’t want it back. Thank God George Clooney is back to work. Welcome to the fish taco club, Taco Bell. Congrats little town in Michigan, you elected a cat mayor. And finally, New Zealand’s Prime Minister is on maternity leave. Her number two is in charge as acting PM. What does he do? Start a fight with Australia! Uhh, hashtag hormones!

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