Wild animal attacks! Time to thin the herd?

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animal attacks

Animal Attacks
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Animal attacks on the rise!

Stories of deadly animal attacks on humans are on the rise. Have wildlife conservation laws outlived their usefulness? [19:54] Bruce Hemming is the author of the book, “.” He thinks it’s time to remind wild animals who’s boss. He has some choice words for Animal Rights activists, too!

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Up next, Manny the Movie Guy [42:06] checks in from his Mommy’s house in Branson, MO. He reviews Mission Impossible, Teen Titans Go! and Blindspotting.


Joining Phil at his home studio, yes it’s a temporary solution now that the Port of Los Angeles has begun the process to demolish LA Radio Studio, is Kelly J and Intern Ricky. Kelly brings a stack of stories to the table. How about the latest thing stupid people are trying? It’s the “In My Feelings” challenge. Apparently there’s a new way to exercise at the gym…if you want to get arrested! Ladies! Want to grow your buttocks to epic proportions? We found a lady who is on a special diet that she believes will crown her the biggest ass on earth. We believe she already is. See what we did there?

Plus these stories: A waitress body-slams a man who groped her. Water cups are not for soda. This concept was lost on a McDonald’s customer and what followed was a fight for the ages. While at McDonald’s, why not get a free bag of fries? We’ll tell you how. The now former 2nd oldest woman on earth is happy today. Scientists have figured out how to reverse wrinkles and hair loss! Wait a minute, why wasn’t that the headline? A newborn baby qualifies for food for life and a guaranteed job. And finally, Mayonnaise Ice Cream is a thing.

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