Ebola, Jennifer Lawrence and other Trending Topics

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[saf] The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is not getting better, and as bad as it is there, people are going to great lengths to stay safe. Would Americans even put up with a quarantine? We speak with a doctor just back from Liberia. Jennifer Lawrence calls the theft of her cloud-stored nude photos “Sex Crimes.” Amanda Bynes takes the plunge with a guy at a local bait shop. Careful where you sit and with whom at a restaurant or you’ll pack on the pounds. There’s a $1,700 burger. You won’t believe what’s in it. Go Dodgers! Sub-$3/gallon gas? Behold the Scro-guard. Listen to a woman sing two tones at once. Adrian Peterson’s hotel orgy – who was there and how he paid for it. Before you quit your job, you need to hear what our expert has to say. Our travel guy saves you money for the in-between season. Who’s the poutine-eating champion? And finally….spreadable beer.




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