Nude Olympics, Cheap Tesla and Selling Your Junk

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[saf] Jay Campadonia goes old school with a story about the Nude Olympics (can you guess which city they’ll be held in?) A woman sues a sperm bank over the color of her baby’s skin. Tom and Jerry are racists? Your sense of smell, or lack of it could mean you’re ready to die. Muppets or porn stars? Our movie guy has a special take on the weekend releases. Tech dude, Jeremy Anticouni found something unexpected inside the Apple Airport box he bought at Staples. The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium offers tips on sustaining our seafood. A woman wins the lottery and buys bigger boobs. 10,000 pigeons have to be probed in their you-know-whats at the airport. And finally, can a potato stop you from getting pregnant?


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