El Episodio Chupacabra

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El Chupacabra

Today we speak with a monster hunter who has taken several trips trying to find the elusive Chupacabra. Plus can beer and whiskey help you live a longer life? Why can’t Americans respect and appreciate stuff, like a hitch-hiking robot? A doctor explains why kids should definitely play high school sports. Reaction to the evil dentist who killed a beloved lion is causing a trickle effect all the way into your life space. Science has figured out why women are freezing cold all the time in the office (yup, it’s men’s fault). Science has also discovered a cure to a hangover (hint, you can buy it by the pound). Will you watch an animated movie about Pez Dispensers? Is “ugly” grounds for divorce? Which is your heaviest organ?  How much would you pay to keep your pet alive? A giant Minion destroys the morning commute. Donald Trump’s cellphone number. And finally…the ejector bed!


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