Episode 288 – Dreams, ADHD, and Tips for More Cash Flow

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Dreaming of Money

On this episode we delve deep into your brain to interpret your dreams with Anna-Karin Bjorklund. Psychologist Chris Blazina makes the case for his research that says men make a deeper connection with dogs than with women. What? School Counselor Scott Ertl talks about strategies to help kids with ADD/ADHD without drugs, including his invention, “Bouncy Bands.” The Smart Money Guy, Matt Sapaula offers up the five things you can do to increase your cash flow. Manny the Movie Guy reviews “Sully.” Plus Phil Hulett and Brooke Peterson include these stories: The “Grease” conspiracy, two foods when eaten together stave off lung cancer, anti-bacterial soap ban, Scary Clown update, rogue employees at Wells Fargo Bank, the simmering wedding gift, age discrimination in Silicon Valley, MTV might actually begin playing music again, Walmart’s 9/11 Tribute, iPhone 7, Galaxy Note 7 is HOT, best and worst cities for families,trick for women to ease foot pain due to high heeled shoes, and finally, new medical therapy helps a quadriplegic use his limbs again.
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