Episode 295 Halloween Creepiness

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A Halloween theme on this episode with: Manny the Movie Guy offering his top 13 scary movies, Travel expert Gary Warner on haunted hotels, Julie Winterbottom is the author of the book, Frightlopedia, author Michelle Nagel talks about real life vampires. Bullies in school can be scary, self-esteem expert Kathleen Aharoni asks, is your child a bully? Plus co-host Kelly Bennett has: creepy clowns look out, Batman is looking for you. Spiders on Mar! Bar lock for bikes makes would be thieves vomit. Guys hold bachelor party in the woods then prove they are the most marriable men on the planet. Why would a guy tattoo his dog? Why it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep in a hotel. Lady bugs with STD’s. Parrot outs cheating husband. And finally, Wine Condoms.

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