Episode 302 – Resolutions, CES, Globes

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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Today we learn why we suck at keeping our New Year’s Resolutions when Dr. Akram Alashari explains what we are doing wrong. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Hidden Figures, A Monster Calls, Under World: Blood Calls and he makes his Golden Globe Predictions. Gary Warner tips us off to what’s hot and what’s not in travel destinations. Conservation Biologist Jono Nieger explains what Permaculture is and how it will save the planet. Tech goddess Katie Linendoll roams the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Plus Skylar Cuarisma and Phil Hulett offer these stories: The top cities with Bed Bugs. New guidelines for ear wax. Can humankind survive a zombie apocalypse? Oil change baby. Package of weed. Free-throw line distraction. Plane drops poo on house. French exterminate ducks. Panic button jewelry. Snake in Toilet. Dollar-per-flush landlord. Poor Kim Kardashian. Cat food recall. And finally, Thanks Alexa!
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