Episode 302 Part 5 – Permaculture

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[saf] Conservation Biologist and author Jono Neiger explains what permaculture is and how you can do little things to save the planet. Plus, cat food recall, NBA free throw distraction, French authorities take extreme measures to stop bird flu. This bite-sized chunk of episode 302 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode!

Episode 302 – Resolutions, CES, Globes

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[saf] Today we learn why we suck at keeping our New Year’s Resolutions when Dr. Akram Alashari explains what we are doing wrong. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Hidden Figures, A Monster Calls, Under World: Blood Calls and he makes his Golden Globe Predictions. Gary Warner tips us off to what’s hot and what’s not in travel destinations. Conservation Biologist …

Pit Bull, Hockey and In-Laws

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 Pit Bull Frenzy Which side of the pit bull debate are you on? We interview a California father who was kicked out of a restaurant with his 5-year old autistic daughter and her trusty helper pit bull by her side. On this episode Dr. Deanna Brann tackles passive-aggressive in-laws. Hockey blogger Saucy_C previews the NHL season. Former Child Star …