Geeked Out on Star Wars, Thomas Fire

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Geeked on Star Wars!

Geeked Out on Star Wars

Geeked out on Star Wars Photo by SaeLoveart

This is a busy half of the final new episode of 2017. As the host of the Retro Convo on the When Nerds Attack podcast network, Mike Templeton is completely geeked out on Star Wars. He talks about the experience of watching The Last Jedi, Cosplay opportunities. Also, whether Martin Landau Kardashian makes a cameo in the new movie. (13:04 mark).

Thomas Fire Live Report

KEYT TV Santa Barbara Senior Reporter, John Palminteri, is affectionately known as “The King of Santa Barbara.” He is your eyes on the ground when he checks in from the middle of the Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara, CA. (47:41 mark)

Ripley’s: Believe it or Not!

Edward Meyer is the guy who travels the world looking for items to feature in museums and in books for Ripley’s: Believe it or Not! He visits to talk about the latest in the series of fascinating and wonderfully weird Annuals from Ripley’s called “.” After you hear him talk, you will not only hear about some of the oddest finds on the planet, you will swear you can taste, smell, touch, and see them! That’s how good Meyer is at telling his stories. (29:46 mark).

Plus these stories from Phil Hulett, Gonzo Greg Spillane, Kelly Bennett and “original friend” Karlo Sy Su: Doctor who burns his name into your internal organs. Then, what is it about firefighters that gets women hot? Followed by, what’s the latest with Pot in Las Vegas? Up next, Glow in the Dark Plants. Ever wonder what you spend on take out food in your lifetime? We know exactly how much!  Ouch! Assessing Ohtani’s damaged goods. And finally, Karlo’s Super Bowl winner prediction.

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