Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

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The Ultimate Star Wars Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi photo by bawbag

Star Wars: the Last Jedi will likely not only be the biggest box office movie of 2017, it will probably be the biggest movie EVER. But how does it stack up versus the other Star Wars movies? Manny the Movie Guy offers his review. Will you agree with his assessment? Plus, Manny offers up his top ten movies of 2017. Are your favorites on the list? (Manny’s segment begins at the 39:50 mark)

Gonzo Greg Spillane, Kelly Bennett and one of the original “Friends” from 2013 join Phil Hulett for discussion and hilarity. Topics include: Holiday stress, holiday drinking and how much would you pay to have somebody else tend to your holiday responsibilities? In addition to these holiday stories, Kelly has a short list of gifts you should never give, and Phil found the perfect gift for that special someone…a personalized sex toy – with your face on it! Then there’s the doctor who prescribes more sex for a certain type of ailment.

Toast Controversy

Here’s a question for you, does the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame suck? Don’t answer that. But, do listen to the friends discuss the latest class of inductees. There’s an update on the “Mystery Pooper!” And finally, toast-cutting controversy.

One more thing, our apologies to Ireland and France!

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