Music, Killjoys and Throttling

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Aaron Ashmore as John Jacobis on SyFy’s “Killjoys”

What, you say?  In this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends the guy who played Jimmy Olson on Smallville is now a bad ass bounty hunter in space on SyFy. Hear what Aaron Ashmore has to say about uninhibited sex with space vixens! Our Tech Dude issues a warning to the owners of a certain smart phone, and reveals how much trouble one of the biggest Internet providers is in for throttling your data speeds down. June 21 is World Music Day and you hear from a guy who is doing everything he can to keep music alive. Plus Manny the Movie guy reviews Dope and Inside Out. He says one of those two movies is one of the best movies of the year. Gonzo Greg Spillane visits as co-host and contributes mind-control TV, first class NY to LA for $500, Japan’s all red burger, and the Magna Carta for the Internet. Brooke Peterson joins us in the studio and offers: the vote for which woman gets to be on American currency, KFC’s alleged deep-fried rat, the successful no-tipping restaurant, and the vaccine for PTSD. Phil Hulett issued the top 11 Father’s Day gifts ranked by how much dad’s actually want them, the seven animals most likely to kill you this summer, the holiday where you get into a fist fight with whomever you have a beef with, and the second tallest statue in America.


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