Sharks Close Up and Great Taverns

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Face to Face with Sharks



Brian Skerry is a wildlife photographer specializing in sharks. His book is called . The underwater photography of sharks is exquisite. We’re glad he does it and not us! Yikes! In this interview¬†[11:10], Skerry talks about his close calls and dispels myths about what attracts sharks. He also makes a plea for the conservation of sharks.

Best U.S. Beer Taverns

[29:13] Up next, Travel Dude Gary Warner gives us a short list of the best beer taverns in America. some of these taverns have a storied history. He also differentiates taverns from bars for us.

Jerry! Jerry!

This hour is packed with fun and interesting stories.¬†Skylar Cuarisma tries to explain why a restaurant server added a disgusting extra for a dad’s meal on Father’s Day. Then she noted it on his receipt! Up next it’s closing time for the Jerry Springer show. What will Jerry do next? Burger King backs off of a ridiculously sexist free World Cup burger offer. Keep your hands to yourself, unwanted mile-high sexual advancements are on the rise. Guess when they happen?

Psychopaths Among Us

Which states have the most psychopaths? A new study says you are pretty likely to call in sick in order to extend your weekend. 107 year old’s birthday wish is organized by the entire city. Hero State Trooper pulls over slow poke driver in the fast lane. Subsequently, he becomes a social media superstar! The light is lit in Canada for national recreational marijuana. R.I.P. Koko! AMC theaters takes on Movie Pass with a much better deal, or is it? And finally, someone died. Try not to laugh.

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