The End is Near for Ports O Call Village and Our Studio

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Ports O Call Restaurant

Ports O Call Restaurant

Ports O Call Elimination

We’re operating on borrowed time in Ports O Call Village. Moment-to-moment the threat is real that a Marshal will arrive to padlock our studio door to make way for demo teams to raise our classic Cape Code-style, bell-tower-enhanced building with historic radio broadcast studio included. That’s right, knock it to the ground to make way for a modern entertainment and shopping district. [20:18] Jayme Wilson is the proprietor of our building as well as Ports O’Call Waterfront Dining, a much beloved restaurant with a deep connection to the community. It, too is braced for a visit from the Marshal. He updates us on the current status of the restaurant and studio, as well as what the fate of 100+ employees will be, and just how long we have to pack up our equipment and go.

Jurassic World of MEH

Plus, [41:31] Manny the Movie Guy checks in with a review of the new Jurassic World movie. Is it as bad as the ridiculously tired notion that there are people who actually want to allow dinosaurs to thrive along side tasty humans? Find out how many kisses this installment of the popular franchise receives from Manny.

Flying Wiener!

Skylar Cuarisma joins Phil with co-hosting duties. She opens with news that ABC has green-lighted a spin-off of the Rosanne Show WITHOUT Rosanne but WITH all the other stars. Will the show make any mention of Rosanne or will thingsĀ proceed as if she never existed on this planet long enough to learn how to use Twitter…badly? Then there’s the lady who too a hot dog to the face. Could Disney already be developing the next Marvel super hero, “The Flying Wiener?”

Speaking of mutants, have you measured the NBA’s 1st Round 6th pick’s wing span? Mo Bamba can almost touch a 10-foot basketball rim standing flat-footed! By the way, basketball players, AND baseball players for that matter, are wimps. Wait until you hear how an MLB closer put out his back! Look out World Cup fans, Moscow is running out of beer! Careful when you do your gardening, the Puss Caterpillar is lurking with a venomous bite! And finally, where on your body does that odd, long hair suddenly appear? And who gets to pluck it for you?

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