Episode 324 Part 1 Millennials are Wimps

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[saf] Clinical Forensic Psychologist, Dr. John Huber explains why Millennials are not ready for the reality of life and why they suffer from panic attacks and anxiety over basic responsibilities. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Spider-Man: Homecoming. Plus: Fireworks mishaps. 4th of July firepower. The dating app for teens…or is it for pedophiles? Getting married at Taco Bell. Hot sauce …

Episode 296 Part 1 – Lazy Millennials and Wimpy Men

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[saf] More proof that Millennials are lazy: Guess who can’t bother wearing condoms? Plus the fertility doctor who guarantees you’ll get pregnant. The male birth control update…men speak out. And finally, the home security drone! This bite-sized chunk of Episode 296 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode!