UFO Sightings on the Decline

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Despite the fact our skies are watched more than ever, UFO sightings in the United States are on the decline. [20:31] Jan Harzan is the Executive Director of MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network, a non-profit that investigates reports of UFO sightings. He comments on this trend, and he recounts the very personal encounter he had with extra-terrestrial visitors in his back yard when he was a child.

It’s time to review the latest movies. [40:04] Manny the Movie Guy reviews the new Purge movie and the new offering from the Marvel camp, Ant Man and The WASP. Are we experiencing super hero fatigue with this one?

Joining Phil Hulett in the studio to co-host is Heather Jordan.  The stack of stories includes the big NBA news of LaBron James coming to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.  Brazilian soccer star, Neymar, is a punk. Speaking of rolls, er, roles, there’s controversy over Scarlett Johansson playing a trans-gender person in a new movie. Here’s a gender-bending question, how in the world was a new father able to breast-feed his baby when mom was out of commission?

Plus, a study reveals a lot of us would not give up our seat on the train to a pregnant woman. Happy 233rd birthday to the U.S. Dollar! Elvis Presley did this for the first time on this date many years ago. Happy Birthday to Tenzin Gyatso. Wait. Who? And finally, it’s no wonder your little league bullpen stinks!

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