You Did What? Where?

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No, wait. Seriously?

No, wait. Seriously?

It’s one of those odd, but not so rare moments, when somebody on Phil Hulett and Friends reveals a deep dark secret. On this episode, Gonzo Greg Spillane let us in on something he and an ex-girlfriend, who happened to work at a morgue, did, and where they did it. You have to listen, but I think you know where this is going. Beyond that, it was a mostly wholesome program. Manny the Movie Guy reviewed The Witch, Race and Risen. Humorist Jan Marshall taught us to find the humor in everything, including cancer. Attorney Leiza Dolghih explained how a Supreme Court ruling on perception discrimination could impact the definitions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other Equal Opportunity guidelines. Travel Guy Gary Warner just flew in from Scottsdale, Arizona and boy are somebody’s arms tired. Plus Kim K’s stupid online game is a blockbuster. Who is crazier, Kanye West, Donald Trump or Shia Labeouf? Why Apple’s stance on privacy is the right one for you. God is dead. You put what in my Guinness? Drunk tattoo. Deadpool SNL petition. Mailman attacked by wild turkeys. Where to find all the midlife crisis guys. And finally, the 81-year old woman you do not want to rob.


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