Are Women Sabotaging Their Careers?

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Women and Careers
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Women and Careers

When it comes to careers, the scales are clearly still tipped in men favors. But are women partly to blame for that imbalance? Tamara Lashchyk wrote the book “Lose the Gum: A Survival Guide for Women on Wall Street.” She says women sabotage their potential in the workplace.

Couch Potato Yoga

The next guest is Dr. Susan Shumsky who explains what yoga really is. Shumsky has written 14 books, her latest is “Maharishi and Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles.” She also offers advice on how to reach a sort of spiritual nirvana without putting on yoga pants.

Fun Stuff

ABC7 LA Anchorman, Jory Rand, and Ducks n Pucks podcaster, Mike Walters join Phil Hulett in the studio for today’s show. Plenty of stories to choose from: You don’t know jack fruit. Jory does. He eats it all the time as a vegan substitute. A political candidate goes Facebook live in the women’s bathroom when she hears a man’s voice coming from within a stall. Good bye to this drink on United Airlines. Speaking of airlines, American Airlines has a list of which animals are NOT “comfort animals.” Squirrels are storing up more than their nuts. And finally, behold the modesty poncho.

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Unleash the Fury with Washington Capitals PA Announcer

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Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning


Wes Johnson is the public address announcer for the Washington Capitals. He visits to talk about the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Johnson’s team is currently steeped in battle with the Tampa Bay Lightning for the Eastern Conference title. Listen to his assessment of the team’s play, who the real Alex Ovechkin is, and what a game face “sounds” like. In addition to his busy hockey life, Johnson has a top secret video game project in the works. We love his voice!


Next on the program, Manny the Movie Guy reviews Deadpool 2. Also on the list of openings are Book Club, Show Dogs and Disobedience. Which movie will receive the most kisses?

More Stuff!

Co-hosting with Phil Hulett today are ABC7 LA Anchorman, Jory Rand and Ducks n Pucks Podcaster, Mike Walters. These stories are in the pile: There’s the Royal Wedding. Do you care? Further to this, how dysfunctional is the family of the bride, anyway? If restaurants banned poorly behaved children, would you be in favor or against visiting for a meal? Then there’s the attorney who could not contain his disdain for people speaking Spanish in America. Are octopuses alien creatures from space? Speaking of space, there’s a giant black hole swallowing up everything in it’s path. What’s indie it? Is there something on the other side? How long before it swallows up our solar system? And finally, there’s the ultimate “walk off” hole in one.

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Grill Breakfast Lunch Dinner and Dessert Like a Pro

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Grill Like a Pro


Grill Like a Pro – Project Fire
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He’s a grill master. Steven Raichlen, author of the book, “” gives advice on what to throw on the grill during National Barbecue Month.. Are you ready to grill salad? How about dessert? Why not grill a cocktail while you’re at it? Raichlen does it all and teaches you how.

Best Beaches for 2018

Next up is out Travel Dude, Gary Warner with his annual list of the best beaches in America.  For good measure, he throws in a couple international hot spots on the sand.

More of the Bizarre

Katie Elsaesser co-hosts with Phil Hulett and up first is the story of the lady sniffing up her own brain fluid. Could this happen to you? Plus, the dating scene is tough enough to navigate without women like this one roaming around, free to text…64,000 times, from inside the bathtub of your home….while you are away! Elon Musk said he’d do it, and in a matter of month’s, his tunnel under West Los Angeles will be ready for travel. How is this possible? While Musk is sending cars underground, Uber is just about ready to launch a fleet of cars 1,000 feet above ground!

Can you answer this question? Which state drinks the most beer? How about another? Is Axl Rose ready to record an album with AC/DC? One High School just got real serious about shutting families up until all of the graduate’s names are read. Want to watch the Royal Wedding in a movie theater? Finally, cows that shoot lasers from their eyes is an actual thing.

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How to Keep Mom Safe from Phone and Mail Scams

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Scams to Watch Out For


Protect Mom from Scams
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Financial expert, Bill Francavilla offers tips on keeping Mom and Grandma from falling victim to scams. Francavilla’s book, “The Madoffs Among Us, Combat the Scammers, Con Artists and Thieves Who Are Plotting to Steal Your Money,” provides ample information about the popular scams bad people use to steal money from trusting elderly people, especially widows. Furthermore, are you protected?

Movie Reviews

Next up is Manny the Movie Guy with reviews on “Breaking In” and “Life of the Party.”  We wonder if either of them offer more than what you’ve seen in the trailers? In addition, Manny comments on the surprises in the current top 5 movies of the year for box office take.

Weird Stuff

Stand-up comedian, Katie Elsaesser joins Phil Hulett to co-host today’s show. These stories were brought to the table: This airline now serves pizza! We think we found the worst possible thing that can crawl into somebody’s ear. Nice job removing it in pieces, doctor! Kids these days! The latest social media challenge led to a skin graft for one teenage rocket scientist.

Then there’s the grandma who you don’t want to upset or she’ll smack yo in the head with one of these. We have proof radar guns do not accurately read your driving speed, or we have proof the Chevy Cruze is the faster production car on the planet. California will require all new homes to have this environmental feature built-in. Regarding California, how about the state splits into 3 states? Look for that issue on a coming ballot.

Here’s one of the crazier scams: a dude fills out a change of address form and receives thousands of dollars in the mail. We are pretty sure we know who the grossest NHL hockey player is. Finally, Las Vegas will play host to an attempt at the world record for the biggest orgy ever.

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