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Episode 329 Part 1 – Wait, Did We Talk About Sex This Much?

nail photo on a sex talk show

Shot through the heart and I'm to blame...

Sex dominated the conversation on today's show. However, things got started like a nail shot out of a nail gun...right into this dude's heart. He's from Wisconsin, don't you know. But don't get up out of your chair, he wouldn't want to put you out or anything, eh? Did gay guys ruin nude beaches for everyone? That's what Phil Hulett thinks. Undercover cops bust 50 men in public beach sex scandal. Speaking of beaches, Bing figured out a way to put the penis in search. Uh, what is Bing again? Apparently watching porn is damaging a particular part of your brain. Kellie Sue offers a helpful suggestion: "Switch hands." People are getting injured shaving their pubes. Gonzo asks Phil what his personal position is on manscaping. What do you think it is?  A man misses his dearly departed wife so much, he finds a robot replacement, a robot with a particular set of skills. We don't know why but people love smelly stuff. Then there's the $900 check you could get if you received this robo-call. Plus, Manny the Movie Guy reviews The Hitman's Body Guard and Logan Lucky. Guess which movie got high marks, uh, kisses from Manny?  Another Manny moment occurs when he comments on Daniel Craig's return to 007. In addition, can you name the family film about forbidden love that leads the domestic box-office for 2017. Finally, Intern Ricky almost bags his first booking for the show.

Episode 329 Part 2 – Eclipse, Robots and Summer Sex

Robots want your job

Robots want your job

Can you compete with robots for your job? That's the question asked by science fantasy author Christopher Allen Jones. Relative to that, Phil shares a story about a McDonald's counter worker whose actions help make the case for robots replacing cashiers. Sexologist, Dr. Kristie Overstreet talks about revving up your summer sex life. In addition to that, Dr. Overstreet touches on parenting a transgender child. Plus these stories: Costco or Cosmo? One is being forced to pay big bucks to Tiffany. The other is encouraging women to send nude photos via text (sexting). Don't miss Phil's theory on Cosmo's purpose. Would you get an L.A. chargers Tattoo? It's free! Eclipse doomsday myths debunked! Where to get a pair of solar eclipse glasses. Finally, the ultimate total solar eclipse playlist....or is it?
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