Episode 291 Part 6 – Napa Valley Wine

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Bruce Cakebread of Cakebread Cellars talks about what makes Napa Valley, California wines unique and distinct. Plus pumpkin Chocolate French Fries! Naked Madonna. Extra slutty olive oil. Butterfingers proposal. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 291 is sponsored by Aqausana. Check out this episode!

Ghost Stories

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Scary stuff today. We hear a bunch of ghost stories from a clairvoyant and from a science writer. But what may be more shocking is the ghost stories Phil Hulett told on today’s episode. Plus, on this National Cat Day, a guy named Doogie talks about some very interesting cats perhaps you weren’t aware of. Chris Martin tells us China is finally all in on …

Grease Guns for Girls

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On today’s episode of Phil Hulett and Friends, Brooke Peterson and Phil get a tips on car repairs from Rachel De Barros better known as the Gearhead Diva from Velocity’s All Girls Garage. Plus Edward Meyer from Ripley’s Believe it or Not talks about this year’s Eye-Popping Oddities! Travel Guy Gary Warner unloads a list of the best pumpkin chucking festivals…and impersonates Elvis and Ozzy! Stories include: Drone FAA license …

Pumpkin Spice Mac n Cheese

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Everything has pumpkin spice flavor this time of year…beer, latte, even mac n cheese! The “Bikini Boss”  tells us how to eat pumpkin spice to our hearts delight without guilt. Plus Matt and Debra Trusela give us some of the top signs you should call off your wedding. And Travel Guy Gary Warner extols the virtues of British Columbia. Gonzo Greg Spillane and Chris Martin joins …