Episode 311 – Roller Coaster Ride

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From coffee to marijuana, from the next real estate crisis to travel scams, this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends was a roller coaster ride, In fact, we heard from Pete Trabucco, one of America’s foremost experts on Roller coasters and Amusement Parks. Financial Expert Heather Wagenhals offered guidance on where mortgage rates are headed and when the real estate …

Episode 289 Part 6 – Breakfast, Pumpkin Spice Latte and Cheerleaders

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Food writer Katie Sullivan Morford has 75 recipes for the most important meal of the day. A boy breaks man-code after seeing cheerleaders in uniform. Learn what Pumpkin Spice Latte does to your body after you drink it. This bite-sized chunk of episode 289 is sponsored by the Dromma Bed. Check out this episode!

Episode 287 – There’s No Stopping Zika and Other Delightful Topics

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After speaking with Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz about the status of Zika Virus in the United States, he asked, “Can we talk about something happy next time?” Listen to this conversation and see if you don’t conclude we are doomed. On a lighter note, stay until the end of this full-length episode to hear Jonathan Tammara from San Bernardo Ice …

Episode 278 Part 6 – Independence Day / Secret Starbucks / Stadium Food

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We’re under attack!…again by angry aliens. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the sequel to Independence Day. Plus Phil Hulett clues us in on yet another secret menu item at Starbucks, one that even Lil Wayne might enjoy. How much money do Uber drivers REALLY make? Gonzo Greg check his hot mess GPS app to give us the whereabouts of the oft missing Sinead O’Connor. And Kelly J runs …

Episode 278 – How to Get What You Want in Bed

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How’s your sex life? Are you getting everything you want? Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Claudia Six, author of the book, Erotic Integrity: How to be True to Yourself Sexually, gives advice on how to ask your partner for what you really want in bed. Gonzo Greg and Kelly J join Phil Hulett in the studio – count along as Dr. Six effortlessly works at least …

Hot Sun – Cold Beer

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The sun is getting hotter and so is the show. Reference Phil’s and Ted Prichard’s comments about Jessica Alba. But, further to the sun, listen to an expert‘s interesting, scientific take on global warming and the ozone layer. Plus, do you know what the beer equivalent to wine’s sommelier is? We do, because one joined us for this episode to explain craft …

Hillary, Baking with Cannabis and Hurricane Cruise Season

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What can you learn from the body language and facial expressions of a presidential candidate? Professor Carl Christman reveals the surprising results of his analysis of Hillary Clinton. Marijuana advocate and owner of the Sweet Mary Jane bakery in Colorado, Karin Lazarus talks about how to bake with cannabis. Travel Guy Gary Warner issues a warning about falling for deep discounts on cruise lines …

Survivor, Tom Brady and Rap vs Beatles

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If you are a big fan of the CBS reality TV show, Survivor, you know the show might be ruined forever because of something that happened this week. Listen to the discussion. Plus Tom Brady is in trouble now that the NFL made some conclusions about Deflategate. Which has had more influence on American popular music, rap or The Beatles? Argue …