CBD Research Makes Headway with New Medical Treatments

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CBD Researchers Make Strides

CBD Research

CBD Research
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Medical and Biotech research firms are getting a lot closer to bringing Cannabinoid, or CBD remedies into the main stream. Further, CBD’s may have significant therapeutic and even healing properties and companies are spending a lot of money to bet on that future promise. [18:42] Eric Adams is the CEO of InMed Pharmaceuticals. He joins the friends live to discuss a recent FDA approval and what it means for CBD researchers.

Movie Reviews

How many more “one man against the world” movies can we handle? Manny the Movie Guy reviews [40:28] Skyscraper. How many fart jokes are there left to tell? Manny reviews Hotel Transylvania 3. But the good movies this weekend are harder to find. Let Manny be your guide to 2 movies that receive top ratings from our favorite movie reviewer.

It’s Friday the 13th. As such, Phil Hulett has a list of some of the strange historic events on this date. It is truly unlucky? Plus there’s a Build-a-Bear nightmare update. News about how your social media profile could be hurting your job prospects. Are you enjoying the heat? Scientists say the heat is making you stupid. Gene Simmons of Kiss will neither confirm nor deny whether original band members will go out on tour with the band this summer. Men, neckties are slowly killing you. There’s a historic movie studio willing to deliver you to the Icon Hollywood Sign. in style. Southwest airlines are about to stop serving these tasty morsels in-flight. Smashing Pumpkins have been super glued back together and are covering Queen and Led Zeppelin on tour. And finally, the world’s most cloned dog.

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