CES, Foie Gras and Broken Resolutions

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At CES the Inspire-1 Drone

Inspire-1 Drone

Big CES news this week including the new and more expensive consumer Drones that will soon be hovering over your private backyard party soon, and something called the “belfie stick.” Plus California un-bans foie gras, which if you don’t know what that is, you should hear our producer Brooke Peterson describe it. Oh yeah, she filled in for Erin Myers today. She also alerted women to an alarming shortage of tampons! Gonzo Greg Spillane was back for another guest-hosting stint. He led with this headline: “Machete-wielding adult toy store security guard is attacked with a bong.” ’nuff said. Manny the Movie Guy holds solid on his Oscar predictions and works in some Globe guesses, too. He reviews Taken 3, but only for a moment, and his favorite movie of the year is out on DVD. Dr. LeslieBeth Wish gives hope and direction to those whose New Years Resolutions are already broken. And a quick poll of the room….nobody wants to see Miley Cyrus naked in Playboy.


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