Dancing Dead Kitties

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Dancing Dead Cats

Dancing Dead Cats

It’s too delicious a headline, isn’t it? The reigning Ms. California United States, Sande Charles, visited as co-host and introduced us to the dancing dead cats story, as well as a story about people in China who were caught selling panda meat on the black market. She’s an animal rights person people, go easy. But cute little pandas? And oh, koalas will rip your face off if you’re not careful. Out tech guy dropped by to talk about ordering pizza with emojis. Ashley Papa offered 6 things that change when you go from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. Manny the Movie Guy had great stuff to say about one and not so great stuff to say about the other of the two new movies in wide release this weekend. Would you rather give up your Internet connection or lose a finger? You apparently have the attention span of a goldfish. American Idol winner Nick Fradiani is pitchy, dog. Tiger Woods confesses. J-Lo heads to Vegas. Bill Simmons is out, so is Harry Shearer. Get ready for more Captain Jack Sparrow. And did we mention dancing dead cats?


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