Dreams, Bad Texting and K-Cups

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Please spell correctly and use punctuation.

On today’s episode we learn what our dreams mean and how to harness that creativity to enhance our lives. The trick is remembering those dreams. Dream expert Justina Lasley explains how to do it. If you lack the grammar and spelling skills to text properly, relationship reporter Ashley Papa says if you’re not careful, you’ll lead a long and lonely life. Our travel guy, Gary Warner checks in from the Pacific Northwest to talk about the wonders of the Columbia River Gorge. Find out why Germans will love Sharknado 3. Angelina Jolie has had another preemptive surgery to make sure she never gets cancer. Will tell you which lady parts she had removed this time. The people who make K-Cups finally realize how those use em and lose em plastic cups are polluting the planet, and they are doing something about it. Behold the Taco Biscuit. Erin Myers says dog germs are good for you!  What Woz says about the coming robot apocalypse. Haunted dolls bring big bucks on e-Bay. And finally, a 440 pound chocolate-peanut butter cup.