Engorged with Turkey

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Dig In!

Dig In!

We were so ready to eat turkey and all the fixings to our heart’s delight, provided our heart keeps pumping, on Thanksgiving…until today. The lovely and very intelligent Dr. Kyra Bobinet explained how we can trick our brains into saving our bodies from packing on the holiday pounds. Phil and Chris talk with Manny the Movie Guy  about a new movie he says will be the second most successful film of the year. An election science guy explains what approval voting is and why he thinks America needs it. Plus these stories: What next for Holy Holm? What next for Ronda Rousey? Tamale thief! Adele says NO STREAMING, astronaut takes picture of UFO, Jared to spend 15 years eating a different kind of sandwich, Doug Flutie’s parents die of broken hearts, terrible debut albums from great artists, should Black Friday be a national holiday? The best things to eat before drinking, STD’s are on the rise, and finally, the word of the day: “Promiscuitively.”


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