Episode 293 – Mmmmm Cake

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mmmm-cakeToday’s show is tasty and delicious. Let’s start with our interview with Caroline Wright, which isn’t until the segment 6 of today’s show…but worth waiting for. Her book, Cake Magic, offers up 100 recipes for cake. CAKE! Seems like enough for a show, but there is so much more, like General Contractor supreme, Steve Cederquist from HGTV’s Flip or Flop with all kinds of tips about flipping houses and buying a house, what to look for in the construction of the home and some funny stories about stuff he’s found.  Travel Guy Gary Warner has tips on holiday travel and he explains why he doesn’t recommend sites like Priceline. Bob Duke, PhD, one half of the show, Two Guys on Your Head, answers the most (and least) pressing questions about your mind. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Ben Affleck’s new movie about an autistic accountant who kicks butt. AND, find out why Manny checks in from a suite in the Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills. #Swanky! And there’s breaking news! We get a news-maker call from the husband and wife team who are the new North American Wife Carrying Champions. What? Plus Gonzo Greg and Phil Hulett offer their stories, including: Bob Dylan: Nobel Laureate, National No-Bra Day, Recreational Marijuana on the November ballot, Cuban Cigar restriction lifted…kind of, Samsung Note 7 fire and explosions trumped up by operatives at Apple? Creepy Clown update, Brain implant restores feeling and movement, Lego goes Fab and Gear with a special Beatles design, What’s worse than getting your lady a teddy bear for her birthday? It starts with a Poke and ends with a Mon and they are Enormous! And finally, here’s one way to keep the riff raff out: a Social App for rich snobs that’ll cost you $1,000 a month to be a member.
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