Episode 295 Part 1 – Wine Condom

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[saf] There are all kinds of condoms, but have you heard of a wine condom? Hear all about it in this segment. Plus lady bug STD’s, Batman vs Creepy Clowns, and male birth-control shot. This bite-sized chunk of episode 295 is sponsored by Lunar Pages. Check out this episode!

Episode 293 – Mmmmm Cake

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[saf] Today’s show is tasty and delicious. Let’s start with our interview with Caroline Wright, which isn’t until the segment 6 of today’s show…but worth waiting for. Her book, Cake Magic, offers up 100 recipes for cake. CAKE! Seems like enough for a show, but there is so much more, like General Contractor supreme, Steve Cederquist from HGTV’s Flip or Flop …

Episode 292 – We Love Our Menstrual Cycle

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[saf] “We” meaning show producer Brooke Peterson. During a story about woman who gave birth using her mother’s transplanted uterus, Brooke volunteered the information that she “loves her period.” One not to miss a golden opportunity for radio gold, Phil Hulett immediately got Brooke to offer more clarity on the topic. There is plenty more to this episode. Including The …

Shocking Halloween Stories from the Crypt

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[saf] Well, kinda. Our travel guy takes you on a tour of the best graveyards for Halloween fun. Plus we reveal the Sexy Ebola Nurse costume, the hard luck Zombie, the Walmart Costumes for “Fat Girls” fail, the latest in the creepy clown craze, and Judd Nelson lives! In other celebrity news, our very own Chris Martin took the day …