Are Women Sabotaging Their Careers?

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Women and Careers When it comes to careers, the scales are clearly still tipped in men favors. But are women partly to blame for that imbalance? Tamara Lashchyk wrote the book “.” She says women sabotage their potential in the workplace. Couch Potato Yoga The next guest is Dr. Susan Shumsky who explains what yoga really is. Shumsky has written …

Episode 293 Part 6 – I Like Cake

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[saf] Food writer Caroline Wright talks cake and answers the random question, is cheesecake a cake or a pie? Plus Legos love the Beatles. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 293 is sponsored by Aquasana.     Check out this episode!

Episode 293 – Mmmmm Cake

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[saf] Today’s show is tasty and delicious. Let’s start with our interview with Caroline Wright, which isn’t until the segment 6 of today’s show…but worth waiting for. Her book, Cake Magic, offers up 100 recipes for cake. CAKE! Seems like enough for a show, but there is so much more, like General Contractor supreme, Steve Cederquist from HGTV’s Flip or Flop …

Episode 286 Part 3 – Best Movies of 2016 So Far, Obama Land Grab

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[saf] Manny the Movie Guy reviews Don’t Breath and offers his top ten best movies of 2016 so far. Plus Phil Hulett gets in a Jessica Alba reference. President Obama’s final federal land grab. Can Gonzo Greg say Papahanaumokuakea? What is the world’s oldest living animal? The horny turtle. George Harrison’s unique song-writing technique. And finally, R.I.P. Ringo Starr. This …