Greenhouse Diamonds

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Pure Grown Diamonds

Real Diamonds GROWN in 10 Weeks

They are just like real diamonds, oh wait, they ARE real diamonds, but rather than the million years it takes the earth to create them, science has figured out how to make them in a diamond greenhouse 10 weeks…and the price is right! Here a guy from Pure Grown Diamonds explain how you could save thousands of dollars. Before you buy a bunch of newfangled electronic toys, innovative play expert Page Olson gives advice on how to lead your child to discover real play time. Manny the Movie Guy has a list of the movies you must see before the end of the year. Executive Producer Mike Stark participates on the air for this episode. Phil offers his thoughts on the San Bernardino mass shooting. Other stories covered: The most-liked celebrity photos, the top Yahoo searches for 2015, the most popular dog names for 2015 sound a lot like the most popular baby names for 2015, how much the average person will spend on Christmas by city, what’s a “boomerang gift?”, 6 ways to avoid a hangover, Thanksgiving TV ratings, and finally, Rolling Stone must really think we are stupid.