Concussions and Hot Nannies

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hot nanny

Never Hire a Hot Nanny!

Is it time to change our thinking about youth sports? A concussion expert explains why he believes now is the time, and he prescribes the best method for recovering from a concussion. Plus, former nanny, Florence Ann Romano warns parents to NEVER hire a hot nanny, and gives advice to nannies about what to do if daddy, or mommy, makes the moves on you! Gary the travel guy talks about travel to The Holy Land for the holidays…what to see, where to stay and how safe is it?  Brooke Peterson joins Phil in the studio to comment on the following stories: Eagle of Death Metal return to Paris, English Estate for Syrian Refugees, the Pope’s Holy Year, NoroVirus Outbreak, a “bad case of the Chipotle’s,” Star Wars Geeks in Line, Walking Dead Star Bitten by Fan, Zombie Nativity Scene, Paternity Leave for Men, Robots will Enslave us, Kim and Kanye name their son, The Best Places to Hide your Christmas Gifts, Does She Really Want Lingerie for Christmas?, Most Common Phobias in America, Psychic Gets it Right for Cops, Listener Voicemail, and finally…the 91-year old woman who died during a sex game with her 49-year old married neighbor.